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Mon, January 16, 2017
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Paddy Selection
Paddy selection and purchase is a major step toward purity and quality. Top grade paddy is critically important to guarantee best quality basmati rice.

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Now the selected paddy is allowed to slowly reduce its moisture by traditional and modern methods until it achieves optimum moisture content for husking

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Paddy Cleaner
It is important equipment in a rice mill. It separates all foreign materials such as dust, straw, sand, threads etc. and other unnecessary particles from paddy.

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This type of machine removes husk from paddy carefully and it becomes brown rice in raw form. Now it sends rice to next machine which is called paddy separator.

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Paddy Separator
This unit removes paddy from brown rice which could not be unhusked properly in last step. It will resend to previous machine for reprocessing. Its three adjustable-position discharge systems coupled with the adjustable separating tray angle, allows flexibility in producing pure brown rice and paddy products.

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Whitening: Removing all or part of the bran layer from brown rice. It gives pearl white look to rice. Through a smooth flow of rice and the efficient aspiration system inside the machine, the rice is whitened very gently.

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The appearance of milled rice by removing the remaining bran layer and by polishing the exterior of the milled rice.

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Length Grader
Rice is graded at different stages on the basis of thickness and length. It separates small and large broken from head rice. To segregate rice grains of different sizers, ASF has high capacity graders which ensure on line uniform grading at a comparatively high speed.

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Color Sorter
Color sorting machines are used for operational flexibility & define the shade of color of the grain, as well as the size of grains. It is computer based monitoring system and gives the final check for cleanness and purity, after which it is sent on to a silo where it will await packaging by automatic equipment.

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Packaging process is carefully designed and performed to increase shelf life of products as well as easy handling till the point-of-consumption.

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We have wide range of hygienic storage facilities where we store our final products in safe and sound conditions and we use sometime LIFO, FIFO methods accordingly.

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