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Mon, January 16, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Quality Guarantee:

We guarantees you 100% satisfaction on all products that we sell.

The Quality Technician performs several quality checks ensuring that our Products meets international quality.

Finally, all export products must be inspected by independent surveyor, such as SGS or Bureau Verities,  at the end of process to certify the Quality, Quantity, Packing and Weight.

Easy to Deal:

Pakistan is known for fair trade traditional and smooth business deals since centuries. With e-commerce and modern international transportation facilities, it is easy to have business with Pakistan.


Please read the following procedure carefully. If you cannot or will not accept this procedure we will not be able to work with you on any other requirements. This procedure is not a typical BROKER'S-it is a TRADERS procedure:

In case, the price is workable, please submit purchase order / letter of intent (LOI) along with banking details.

We send you full corporate offer (FCO), that you sign and seal and return to us.

We issue Pro Forma Invoice along with banking details for open L/C.

After receiving clean L/C, we will ship to the broad within 30 days.

 How can I be sure that I'll get the product with the specifications I mention?

You will always receive rice with the specifications you require. Our QA procedure has the rice inspected by 3 institutions:

Rice Committee Board of Trade / Chamber of Commerce

Ministry of Agriculture

Leading International Surveyor which will certify the Quality, Quantity, Packing, Weight, and Fumigation.

Trading Corporation of Pakistan.

Reap Inspections

Shipping & Transportation:

Pakistan has a goods transportation infrastructure, which fully integrates with the global shipping network. Products are primarily shipped by Air, Sea and inter region by road.

A major factor in the final costing of rice products, transportation plays a very important role in the rice industry. From the field through processing and final deliveries selection efficient and cost-effectives transportation is a major function in the Rice Business Industry.

Break Bulk Vessels (Conventional Vessels):


This type of vessels carries very heavy loads ranging from a few hundred metric tons up to over 25,000 metric tons.

Containerized Vessels:

Commonly used as a means to ship trade goods internationally. Container vessels provide a quick and convenient way to load and unload the packed rice. However, a container vessel could carry less weight and the shipping cost is more expensive.

Most orders are processed, packed and shipped within one week of receipt. Goods traveling by Air Freight usually take 2-4 days to reach their destination. Cargo shipped by sea takes significantly longer, with actual time varying, depending on the distance of the journey. Listed below are the approximate lengths of time it takes to ship goods, from Pakistan to the following destinations:







Hong Kong





15 - 20











North America

25 - 30





Middle East


South America




East Africa


These times are approximate and vary upwards or downwards depending upon the destination with each country or region. These times are from port to port only, and do not include processing time spent on clearing customs at departure from Pakistan, or on arrival at the destination country's customs department.


Most likely you would be paying for products with a L/C (Letter of Credit). The L/C is used to protect both the buyer and the seller. Payment will made according to the terms & conditions set out on the letter of credit.

Conditions set out on the letter of credit. Safeguards such as inspections of the goods, quality control, and delivery times are possible conditions added to the L/C. All the payment should be in advance.

L.O.I. / B.C.L.

In order to buy all Agricultural Commodities, such as rice and rubber, L.O.I. must be sent to us. So we can give you a legitimate price quote.

The L.O.I. (Letter of Intent or Transaction Details) must contain the following information.

1 Your firm's name, address, telephone & fax number
2 Contact person's name and title
3 Products quantity and specifications
4 Contact length
5 Your target price in USD.
6 Method of packing, Bags, Bulk etc.
7 Destination Port or country
8 Shipment size.
9 Method of payment: Standby L/C, etc.
10 Preferred shipping date, and
11 Confirming Bank or a letter (B.C.L.) from your Bank stating the actual buyer has or could have the financial capacity to handle the payment.

This lets our Legal Officer review the proposed L/C and perhaps make suggestions for amendments, informally, at no cost to the buyer. At this point if all terms and conditions of the L.O.I., L/C and Contract are acceptable to both buyer and PechSiam, a Full Corporate Offer (FCO), legally binding, is made to the buyer.

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